Shei Marcelline is an Los Angeles based journalist and photographer. She received a B.A. in Journalism and a minor in Studio Art at Loyola Marymount University (2022) and was also awarded the LMU’s Student Journalist of the Year (2021-2022).

Shei blends her passions for writing and photography with the goal of showcasing journalism through an artistic lens.

Previously, Shei has held positions as the Editor-in-Chief of The Lion, LMU’s digital news outlet as well as a Project Intern for The Just Girl Project, where she platformed and interviewed female artists and entrepreneurs via Shei’s Segments on IG Live.

Currently, Shei works as an Editorial Intern and Writer at Flaunt Magazine.

Early Life

Shei was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. As a first generation Sri Lankan-American, she values her cultural upbringing and its influence on her work. She attended Mayfield Senior School, an all girls high school, that has confidently shaped her writer’s voice and artistic style today. Shei often finds herself pulling from the multitude of perspectives she has harnessed throughout her childhood and enjoys enveloping them into her passions.


Majoring in journalism allowed Shei to fine tune her writing skills while documenting the ever-changing world around her. In the midst of the current digital and political age, Shei finds it both pivotal and captivating to be a journalist. The evolution of mass media and the methods in which news is consumed has shifted tremendously. A journalist’s first obligation is to the truth and Shei has enjoyed creating pieces that directly reflect the experiences of the people and places that surround her. She is personally drawn to cultural, environmental, and creative journalism.


Photography is a passion of Shei’s that has developed into her favorite creative outlet. After taking AP Photography in high school, Shei found her niche in portraiture. Her photography style today leans towards editorial portraits and she enjoys executing shoots both professionally and as a hobby. Combining artistry in both the written and photo mediums allows Shei to translate her skills onto multimedia formats.